Telephony & VOIP Systems

Whatever the problem, The Solution is to hand

To get the best of your voice communications network we offer you a wide range of advisory service:

Independent Consultancy

We can provide a full range of analysis and troubleshooting. By taking a close look at your business requirements in conjunction with your existing Telecommunication network, we can clearly define any areas that need developing or fine tuning and advice in a suitable plan of action or implementation to gain maximum efficiency.

Telecommunication Design and Future Proofing

Once your telecommunications network has been analysed, we can design a system for network enhancement, expansion or development to suit any budget and we will ensure that the products we specify will meet your future expectations of growth and development. This provides protection for your investment by ensuring your future needs are easily catered for.

Demonstration Laboratory

We have invested heavily in providing an extensive range of demonstration products within our special demonstration laboratory. All systems are live for that hands on experience and can be tailor made prior to implementation.

Installation and Implementation

Telecommunication products require a great deal of investment. Our aim is to ensure you can achieve maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness from your equipment. We recognise that you will not always have the time or the necessary in-house expertise to install and implement equipment so we offer you our extensive expertise to ensure that all new products or systems are integrated as smoothly as possible with minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Project Management

We strive to make the development and implementation of your telecommunications integration as stress-free as possible. We can take some of this pressure away by providing total project management. Every step of the way, we are here to ensure the most effective implementation for the best results.

Support Suite and Technical Help - Desk

A major part of our philosophy is to maintain the best working relationship with you and ensure that our level of service is as high as possible. Our commitment and investment to excellence is reflected in the fact that all calls to our help-desk are logged and associated with a reference number and response time. Our Online Support suite offers an alternative method of communicating with our support staff in today's converged world.


Bespoke or standard, in-house or in-site, we can provide expert training on all aspects of the use of our products. This includes General Operation training, executive training and basic staff training together with telephone etiquette training for the operator.